is the creative force behind ART
enticement.  She has been putting beads
together since she could hold a needle.  
Growing up in a creative family in San
Francisco, she was surrounded by
fabulous one-of-a-kind treasures.

ancient civilizations, all things vintage,
antique lace, and nature primeval-- Jean
mixes it up with the clean lines of
modernism and technology.  She relishes
unusual color combinations, an interesting
line and sculptural shapes.  Her drive is
evident in her mantra “To live, I must
create things.”

Known for her creative solutions to
difficult design problems, meticulous hand
craftsmanship and arresting color sense,
Jean is a creative producer of exceptional
jewelry, needlework and other media.  
She paints with beads, wire and fabric as
well as a brush, creating all forms of
personal adornment, custom clothing,
sculpture, exquisite quilts and textiles for
the home.

of rural Oregon, Jean lives off-grid with  
her multi-talented geek husband in an
elegant home, studio and workshop she
designed for sustainable living.  Here is
proof that you can live a stylish, low-
impact life that nurtures personal well-
being as well as promotes a healthier
environment. The fresh air, tall trees and
clear flowing water inspire Jean to create
incredible things out of unusual
combinations of materials.

is founded on Jean’s decades of grand
opera set design, theatre and costume
design, specialty paintwork and practical
architectural design.  

"My mind incubates a lush fantasy world,
where myriad ideas constantly swirl and
coalesce, ultimately coming out through
skilled hands."
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Jean Robertson working
    a gallery of recycled electronic creations by Jean Robertson
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Artist's Statement

You may see and handle Jean Robertson's ARTenticement creations in person at these fine stores and galleries:

The Websters, Ashland, Oregon        Rogue Gallery, Medford OR    Gallery One, Grants Pass, OR
Jansen Art Center, Lynden,  WA   Cattails & Dragonflies, LaConner, WA   Southern Oregon Guild Kerby OR   
Oregon Caves Chateau Gift Gallery and Visitor's Center, Cave Junction Oegon
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